Timeline Global Express Logistics Corporation (the "TGE" or the "Company") is one of the most trusted Cargo and logistics company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Rendering services to our fellow OFWs in the country by sending and handling their Balik Bayan Box to the Philippines.
Timeline Global Express Logistics Corporation (the "TGE Company" or the "Company") is a private company registered in the Philippines that engages in general cargo transportation of personal and commercial goods, customs brokerage, warehousing, and distribution services. The TGE Company office location is situated in Central Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The TGE Company was founded in October 2019 by all Filipino nationals working overseas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a business office in Riyadh City. The Company was born just before the novel Coronavirus (NCOVID-19) outbreak on March 11, 2020. This crisis is a worldwide phenomenon and has become a global pandemic. Despite the precarious situation and economic uncertainty from a halt to a slowdown in operations resulting an increase in the cyclical unemployment rate in the target market, the TGE Company has sustained its operations. It is continuously growing and gradually establishing its market presence. The Company is engaged in transporting personal cargo servicing overseas Filipinos and other nationals in the regions through air or sea cargo shipment.


The Company’s vision is to provide service to Filipinos in the shipment of air and sea cargoes throughout Saudi Arabia and expand its operations globally in the next 5 to 10 years; to become the Filipinos leading logistics and cargo forwarding company in the globe offering world-class and efficient services.


The mission statement articulates that TGE cares is by exceeding our customers’ expectations, by providing world-class services from end to end for the communities we live in and the environment in which the Company operates.

Core Values
(V-TIME) – Be on Time!


We innovate and lead with a vision.


Whatever we do in the Company we are all one team working towards the success of TGELC. We will always treat each other with dignity and respect.


We shall behave with the highest level of integrity and honesty in our dealings with customers, colleagues , suppliers and other members of the community. We do the right thing.

Malasakit (Compassion)

We care for our employees, our customers, and the community. We go the extra mile.


We will perform with excellence in everything that we do. We will work with the highest standards, working hard to deliver the best results that exceeds customer’s expectation.